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Yekaterinburg, Russia, residential house

Number and types of boilers used 26 x THERM TRIO 90 T
Total installed output 1080 + 1260 kW

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Launching of sale of new THERM 25 boilers series

At the beginning of the year, as the biggest Czech producer of gas boilers we have launched a new THERM 25 boilers series at the market...

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THERMONA modular boiler plants celebrate success

More than 170 thousand boilers have been sold since THERMONA introduced its products to the Russian market in 1998. The most successful...

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New series of condensing boilers THERM 24

THERMONA, in response to European legislation, undertook to introduce to the market a new series of THERM boilers. These condensing boilers...

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About the company Thermona

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