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The first THERM stationary condensing boiler is coming

News | 22. 9. 2019

A new or innovated boiler every year. In a simplified way, this is how our strategy could be described. It is helping us keep the position of a leading Czech manufacturer of gas condensing boilers. The recently launched series of THERM 35 condensing boilers is not the last news of this year.

These days,a true novelty is coming to the market, something that our current portfolio has been missing – the first stationary condensing boiler, THERM 24 KDNS. You have seen the prototype since the beginning of the year at various fairs and exhibitions and now, it is all ready to be placed on the market.

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After many months of development, testing and certifications, the new product is completely prepared. The design is based on the well-proven solution of hanging boilers in the OPTIMUM Condens category but it is arranged in a way that allows the boiler to stand on the floor or on a pedestal. For example, the control elements are now at the top side of the boiler, the distribution connections are located in an area that allows for an easy installation of the boiler instead of older types, and there is new internal layout that provides a comfortable service.

The stationary boilers are used in reconstructionswhere they can be installed instead of the old boiler. These are usually rooms with lowered ceilings, such as basements and cellars. The boiler is primarily designed for heating only, but it can be additionally supplemented with domestic water heating in an external tank using an external three-way valve.



For heating without preparing DHW
Heating power: 4.7 ÷ 26.0 kW
Preparing DHW: no
Energetická třída A - pro topení  
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