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Introducing the new logo and not only that

News | 16. 1. 2023

This year, Thermona celebrates 33 years since its foundation. During this time, we have expanded to more than twenty countries around the world where we are active, and our product portfolio to date includes dozens of gas and electric boiler models. As a result, Thermona is regarded as a major supplier of heating technology that brings heat, hot water and the feeling of home to its customers.

Replacing old with new

Every year we bring a range of new products and improve our service, which is why last year we decided to redesign the brand. The year 2023 will go down in company history as the year that brought a new corporate identity, a unified visual style and a new logo.


The design of the new logo follows the company's tradition, but has been simplified and modernized towards our customers. The company name remains the basis of the logo, but it is much more legible. However, the initial letter "T" has undergone a significant change. The original design, which in a way covered the complete name, has become a clearly legible letter "T" with a two-color cut. The cut-out refers to the design of the logo used in the past, thus symbolizing tradition, but in a more modern way. The initial letter thus provides a clearly defined symbol.

The used color palette has been retained except for minor corrections. It is still a combination of blue and orange. Even in the chosen colors, the symbolism is evident. Blue is synonymous with harmony, certainty and reliability in our concept. Orange, on the other hand, represents utility, i.e. warmth and a feeling of well-being or joy.


The new logo is just the beginning

The impetus for the change was, among other things, the rapid transformation of the thermal technology market. In the course of this year, you can look forward to several innovations that will take us into new market segments.

You will already be seeing the new visual style now and the complete redesign of all applications will take place during the first half of this year. We believe that the new identity will help us strengthen our position in the markets, become a more modern company, and continue to reinforce our mission: To create a reliable heart of the home through efficient heat production.


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