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Gas boilers are recommended for households, as well as other civil and industrial buildings. Their advantage is their ability to heat a particular space economically as well producing hot water. They also make an ecological contribution. The existing gas boilers are made so that the pollutant emissions into air are as low as possible. Gas boilers are available for natural gas or propane (only some types). The boiler is operated and regulated by an electronic control unit.

When thinking about heating a family house or purchasing the correct thermal source, the following factors must be taken into account: The output, consumption and type of fuel, efficiency, the requirements of operators, the amount of harmful substances into the environment and meeting exact standards.


Gas condensing boilers

THERM condensing boilers provide technological and economic savings. Compared with gas boilers, they use hidden combustion...

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Wall hung atmospheric boilers

Wall hung gas boilers are recommended for households as well as other civil and industrial buildings. They can be installed...

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Stationary condensing boilers

Stationary condensing boilers based on the principle of condensation are used in reconstructions where they can be installed instead...

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