Honeywell R200C-2

Alarm volume: 85 dB
Order No.: 43696.1

The carbon monoxide detector R200C-2 is the successor of the expanded model XC70-CS. Using proven long-life sensor technology, this CO leak detector offers high reliability. The R200C range of CO detectors have been optimized to be suitable for use in the area of residential protection against carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning, typically for use in homes, family and holiday homes, caravans, motorhomes and boats.

The device is ideally installed in all rooms that contain some kind of fuel appliance, but it is also suitable to place it in rooms where we spend most of our time, such as living rooms, bedrooms and offices.


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  • Maintenance-free design, without replaceable parts
  • Suitable for use in the area of protection of residential buildings against carbon monoxide
  • Test certification according to European standards EN 50291-1:2018 and EN 50291-2:2019
  • Sensor with a long service life of 10 years
  • End of life signaling
  • Simple installation on the wall or ceiling
  • Tamper protection
  • Alarm volume 85 dB
  • 10-year lifetime and warranty

With a slight increase in carbon monoxide, the detector will not trigger the alarm immediately. He waits until his concentration drops again. Responses to individual carbon monoxide levels in the following table:

27 PPM ± 3 PPM normal operating state, no alarm
55 PPM ± 5 PPM announcement of an alarm in the next 60 - 90 minutes
110 PPM ± 10 PPM announcing an alarm in the next 10 - 40 minutes
330 PPM ± 30 PPM announcing an alarm within 3 minutes
Technical data Unit Honeywell R200C-2
Detected gas - carbon monoxide
Lifetime years 10
Power supply (Lithium battery with sufficient life) V 3
Alarm volume dB 85
Sensor principle - electrochemical cell
Device Type - Type-B
Operating temperature °C -10 až +45
Operating humidity RH 25 % až 95 %
Protection - IP 44
Installation method - on the wall / on the ceiling
Dimensions mm 95 / 95 / 25
Weight g 120
Order number - 43696.1