Modern and technically most advanced boiler of our production program. Thanks to its large scope of output modulation from 2.5 to 25.0 kW it can be used in various buildings. Its continuous dosage of output ensures the highest thermal as well as economic comfort, of course with minimum effect on the environment. Thanks to the new conception of multiphase ventilator the considerable noise limitation was achieved. Last but not least the control electronics was updated, it includes its auto-diagnostics and newly enables to optimise the program map with regard to the course of burning.

Also the condensation boiler body was innovated. The condensation body combines the exchanger with cooling front burner wall equipped with brand new type generation of burner BLUEJET®.

The boiler version THERM 25 KD is determined for heating. With adding of external three-way valve and warm water tank (not for heating) the supply water can be warmed and thus the maximum boiler capability is used.

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eu_flagThe product THERM 25 KD complies all legislative, safety, healthy and environmental requirements of the European Union and CE mark enables the free movement of products within the market of the European Economic Area.

Emission category NOx 6 View the ErP label
  • Extraordinary environment friendly operation – class NOx 6
  • Condensation body with brand new type of burner BLUEJET®
  • Large scope of modulation from 2,5 kW to 25,0 kW
  • New conception of multiphase ventilator
  • Noise limitation at higher revolutions
  • Electrically modulated SGV gas valve
  • Modulated circulating pump with high effectiveness
  • New control unit with auto-diagnostics
  • Electronics get feedback information on the burning condition and performs the optimisation of map programing
  • The product is determined for heating system warming
Technical data Unit THERM 25 KD
Class of seasonal energy efficiency of heating - A
Nominal thermal input power kW 23.5
Min. – max. thermal output for heating kW 2.5 - 24.9
Fuel - natural gas / propane
Gas consumption - natural gas m3/h 0.26 - 2.50
Gas consumption - propane m3/h 0.10 - 0.92
Min. – max. overpressure of heating system bar 0.8 - 3.0
Maximum input pressure of heating water °C 80
Boiler efficiency % 98 - 106
Volume of expansion unit l 7
Nominal supply voltage / frequency V/Hz 230/50~
Auxiliary electricity at rated heat input W 68.2
Level of coverage of electrical part - IP 41 (D)
Diameter of smoke flue mm 60/100, 80/125, 2x80
Dimensions: height / width / depth mm 725 / 430 / 280
Weight of boiler kg 28
Order number - 1096