Type: wall hung
Volume: 58 l
Exchanger power: 24 kW

The storage tanks in the THERM 60/Z version with a volume of 58 l is constructed under the hinging bar mounted by the boiler on the wall using dowels. Through their construction and the number of available options, THERM storage tank water heaters provide economical preparation of water via energy from an external source.. They are recommended for interior location.

The storage tank for THERM 60/Z heaters is made from steel metal sheet and tested with an over-pressure of 0.9 MPa. The inside of the storage tank is enamelled. The flange is welded to the upper bottom of the storage tank to which the flange cap is screwed. Between the cap of the flange and the flange is a sealing ring.


Energy Label
  • The storage tank of the heater is made of steel metal
  • The inside of the storage tank is enamelled.
  • High-quality hard polyurethane foam is used for insulation
  • The storage tank includes an anode bar
  • The heater is constructed as wall-mounted on the bar mounted beside the boiler
  • From the aesthetic viewpoint, it completes the design of the boiler and forms one unit
Technical data Unit THERM 60/Z
Class of energy efficiency - B
Volume l 58
Exchanges output kW 24
Height / width / depth mm 830 / 400 / 395
Material - smalt
Order number - 14129.A

Time of heating in the THERM 60/Z storage tank

This table was compiled by empirical measurement of the time for heating a storage tank filled with cold water (10°C) and then heated to the temperature stated by the tank thermostat to 60°C. The times are in minutes.
Type of storage tank Heating of DHW Output of the boiler 14 kW Output of the boiler 20 kW Output of the boiler 28 kW Output of the boiler 45 kW
THERM 60/Z 50 °C 13′ 9′ not recommended not recommended