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BUVA 150/EM water treatment appliance

Intended for: Boiler rooms
Order No.: 72007

The BUVA 150/EM water treatment appliance is a complete appliance for water treatment, designed for filling and adding water into closed hot-water heating systems and boiler rooms. The design and technology make it suitable for boiler rooms with a total output of up to 500 kW. In compliance with CSN 07 7401, it allows water softening using an automatic softening filter, and treating water by manually adding inhibitors of corrosion, using a dispensing container.

The advantage of BUVA lies in the easy and trouble-free installation on the installation site; the installation firm only connects at the water inlet and outlet using G3/4” fitting. Operating technological water treatment components are installed on a frame welded from steel sections; they are functionally connected, and pressure tested.


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Integrated technological components of the water treatment plant:

  • automatic AZ softening filter
  • salt container for dissolving regeneration salt
  • dispensing container for corrosion inhibitors
  • a system of bypass valves
  • water gauge for measuring the quantity of flowing water
  • pressure gauge for measuring output pressure at AZ
  • direct fitting with G3/4" inner thread

The automatic softening filter is equipped with a control valve with electronic volume control.

Such treatment plants are able to deliver about 1-2 m3 of softened water between regeneration cycles.

Water treatment chemical preparations

Regeneration salt

Regeneration salt

Order No.: 72008

It is used for regeneration of the heating water in water treatment plants. Usually, the salt is supplied in tablets in 25 kg packages.

Sodium phosphate

Sodium phosphate

Order No.: 72009

Used for final softening and alkalising of added or filling water.

Sodium sulphate

Sodium sulphate

Order No.: 72010

Added to prevent pit corrosion in steel surfaces in the heating systems.

Technical data Units BUVA 150
Volume of water softened between two regeneration cycles at hardness T=1 mmol/l m3 8
Softening resin filling volume l 15
Water flow rate rated/max. m3/h 0.3 - 1.5
Boiler output (for information only) kW up to 500
Salt consumption per regeneration cycle kg 3