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TF1 Compact filter with magnet

Connection: 3/4"
Order No.: 44544

The TF1 Compact Filter is manufactured using a technical polymer suitable for heating system applications. It is designed to ensure minimum pressure loss and maintain high collection efficiency. The unique hydrocyclone, magnet assembly and low flow area are designed in such a way as to allow the filter to capture a range of system contaminants whilst not affecting the rest of the heating system.

The filter uses a range of high quality components to ensure optimum performance. All isolation valves are designed to be easy for the user to operate by hand, while providing a reliable connection to the system and service point. The magnet is made from premium neodymium, offering highly efficient capture and robust filtration to ensure consistent collection levels.


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  • Precision engineered, hydrocyclone and magnetic in-line filter system
  • Removal of magnetic and non-magnetic impurities from system water
  • Ideal for use in small, confined spaces and access areas
  • Easy installation - various orientation options for vertical and horizontal piping
  • Quick and hassle-free cleaning via drain valve - no need to dismantle the unit
  • Easy to use, the system can remain in normal operation during cleaning
Technical data Unit TF1 Compact
Connection - 3/4
Order number - 44544