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PT32 wire thermostat

Type: Wire
Order No.: 43537

The intelligent PT32 wire room thermostat offers several weekly program options. You can set different heating programs for even or odd weeks or create completely unique weekly programs. The thermostat keeps the set temperature with accuracy at 0.5°C. It is suitable for all THERM boilers.

The large backlit display allows controlling the thermostat when it is dark. Intuitive navigation in the selected language: CZ/PL/EN/DE. The regulation system can be supplemented with the GSM module GST1, which adds the option to enter instructions via SMS messages. The interior unit is powered by two 1.5V batteries, size AA.


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Class of temperature regulator - Directive EU No. 811/2013
  • 9 weekly programs
  • 6 temperature changes per day
  • Programming by 10 minutes and 0.5°C
  • Option to program by day, or Mon-Fri, Sat-Sun, and Mon-Sun
  • Large backlit graphic display
  • Early heating activation function
  • Option to use the HEATING/COOLING mode
  • A short-term change in the required temperature
  • Manual mode (MANU)
  • Permanent deactivation (OFF)
  • HOLIDAY mode
  • Summer mode
  • Selection of even-odd week
  • Current temperature correction
  • Key lock
  • Sum of the boiler operating hours
  • Boiler maintenance indication
  • Anti-frost protection (3°C)
  • TEST function
  • Automatic change of DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME
  • Low battery indication
  • Powered by two alkaline batteries 1.5 V/AA
Technical data Units PT32
Class of temperature regulator according to the requirements of Commission Directive EU No. 811/2013 - IV
The contribution of temperature controllers for seasonal energy efficiency * % 2
Order number - 43537
* The contribution of temperature controllers for seasonal energy efficiency of heating kits consisting of heater for heating inside areas, temperature controller and solar equipment or sets of combined heaters, temperature controller and solar equipment
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