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CR 04 equithermal set

Type: Wire
Order No.: 43559

You can order the intelligent and popular CR 04 regulator together with the outdoor temperature sensor in a discounted equithermic set. The equithermic regulation allows the boiler to change the heating water temperature according to changes in outdoor temperature, thus achieving higher fuel efficiency. In addition to reducing operating costs, it also improves thermal comfort as the heating elements are heated continuously.

The option of equithermic regulation is available with all THERM boilers (except for THERM ELN series) and it is activated on request by an authorised service technician. This method of regulation may only be used with a connected outdoor temperature sensor. The outdoor temperature sensor is solely mounted on the north wall of the building, about 3 metres above the ground, and it must not be influenced by any external heat source (open windows, sunshine, etc.).


Recommended retail price: on request

Class of temperature regulator - Directive EU No. 811/2013

The package of the CR 04 equithermic set contains:

CR 04 Regulator

  • Displays the operating statuses of the boiler unit
  • 3 adjustable heating levels
  • 5 basic heating programs set in production
  • Error diagnostics
  • Option to set 7-day heating program
  • Option to set 7-day program for heating water
  • Function for immediate change of temperature
  • Two-conductor connection and supply from the boiler
  • Option to control the Thermona cascade boiler room

Outdoor temperature sensor

  • Sensor stored in a plastic case
  • Small dimensions
  • Easy installation
  • Designed for use in the exterior

CR 04 regulator

Technical data Unit CR 04
Class of temperature regulator according to the requirements of Commission Directive EU No. 811/2013 - VI
The contribution of temperature controllers for seasonal energy efficiency * % 4
Order number - 43559
* The contribution of temperature controllers for seasonal energy efficiency of heating kits consisting of heater for heating inside areas, temperature controller and solar equipment or sets of combined heaters, temperature controller and solar equipment

Outdoor temperature sensor

Technical data Units Outdoor temperature sensor
Rated resistance kΩ 10
Dimensions mm ⌀ 71 / hl. 35
Order number - 40579.1
Honeywell XC70-CS

Honeywell XC70-CS

Category: CO escape detector
Alarm sensitivity: from 43 ppm
Order No.: 43696
Outdoor temperature sensor

Outdoor temperature sensor

Category: Sensor
Type: Wired
Order No.: 40579.1