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MS 2 external malfunction alarm

Compatibility: PT 59 X
Order No.: 43570

MS 2 is an external module for the boiler and cascade boiler room malfunction alarm system. The body of the MS 2 alarm module is connected to the PT 59 X regulator (PT 55 X). When there is an error message from the thermostat, or the connection between MS 2 and PT 59 X (PT 55 X) is interrupted, the MS 2 relay idle contact closes; it can be connected to another light or acoustic component (such as bulb, indicator, horn, siren, etc.). The module is frequently used in technically advanced cascade boiler rooms where it immediately informs the operator of any issues in connection with the GSM module GST 1.

MS 2 alarm module is usually mounted as close to the regulator as possible with respect to interference with the communication line. The connection between the regulator and the alarm block is executed using a two-core connecting cable, 1.5 metres long at the most.


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  • Relay contact closure indication
  • Power supply indication
  • Openings for wall installation
  • Connector for connecting PT 59 X
  • Connector for GST 1 connection (only when PT 55 X is used)
  • Terminals for connecting alarm components
  • Terminals for connecting the MS 2 module power supply
Technical data Units Module MS 2
Order number - 43570