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HJ103TRX maximum current monitor

The HJ103TRX Maximum Current Monitor is a successor of the previous HJ103T model. The key difference lies in the construction of the current measuring transformers (hereinafter CMT), which are made as CLICK-ON in this model, i.e., when CT conductors are connected to the labelled terminals of the HJ103TRX Monitor, CMT is mounted on three phase conductors of the measured circuit and the latch on CMT is snapped without having to disconnect and dragging power conductors through openings in the monitor box.

The monitor monitors alternating current going through the measuring channels and when exceeded, it closes or opens the relay contacts. The installation is remarkably simple. The monitor is mounted on a DIN rail with a width of 6 circuit breaker modules and it is easily installed in the main home switchboard. The monitor measures current in all three phases and activates the individual levels regardless of the different currents in the individual phases.


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  • There is no need to disconnect and drag power conductors through the openings in the monitor unit
  • Current measuring transformers are external and connected to power conductors via CLICK-ON system
  • The package contains a monitor unit installed on DIN rail and three current measuring transformers
  • Easy installation onto the DIN rail in the main home switchboard
  • Only designed for connection to the THERM EL electric boilers
Technical data Units Relay HJ103TRX
Supported boilers - THERM EL
Maximum current passing through conductors L1, L2, L3 (see Fig.) A 3x100
Contact load 3, 4 (see Fig.) A max. 3
Device input W 1,5
Order number - 43518.1