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THERMONA modular boiler plants celebrate success

News | 28. 11. 2017

More than 170 thousand boilers have been sold since THERMONA introduced its products to the Russian market in 1998. The most successful version of THERM boiler connection is the heating system and water heating via a cascade boiler room. This option contributes to the modern development of cities in a significant extent.

We deliver modular boiler rooms specifically for the countries in the Commonwealth of Independent States, providing a complete plug-and-go solution. Customers can choose from a series of standardized designs that differ in the rated capacity of the entire boiler room from 56kW to 1440kW. The container-modular boiler room is a unique solution: it is designed as a transport container and can be relocated as needed.

The THERMONA cascade systems in the form of modular boiler rooms are becoming more and more popular thanks to the substantial savings in energy and fuel consumption, high reliability and the option of remote monitoring and control of the entire system. Annually, about 600 cascade boiler rooms in various capacity and standardization versions are delivered to the Russian Federation.

Sverdlovsk Oblast in the Russian Federation is not an exception to intense works on the programme of replacing old boilers with modern technology that started in 2015.


During the Czech-Russian Business Forum, which took place in Yekaterinburg on 24 November 2017, and within the programme of “Five Years of Development 2017 – 2021”, an agreement on cooperation between OAO Tehtorg (represented by Nikolai Sudakov, General Manager) and Thermona, spol. s r.o. (represented by Jaroslav Fila, General Manager) was signed. The aim of cooperation is to jointly manufacture THERMONA modular boiler rooms with the capacity of 90-1440kW, achieving a production volume of 2.4 billion roubles and to localize production in Sverdlovsk Oblast at 75.2% by the end of 2020. The prestigious Czech-Russian Business Forum was attended by Czech President Miloš Zeman and Governor Evgeniy Kuyvashev.

VIDEO: Formal signing of the agreement between Jaroslav Fila and Nikolai Sudakov