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Cascade boiler rooms reduce the price of heating

News | 4. 11. 2020

The cascade boiler rooms, i.e. the connection of several smaller boilers in order to ensure heating and thermal comfort, have been known for many years. Thanks to modern technologies it is possible to adjust their output continuously from the smallest used boiler to the full installed capacity.

Based on calculations, a shared boiler room pays off when it is installed for 3 or more apartment units. They guarantee the heating price reduction for large buildings and apartment houses.

How the cascade boiler rooms work?

Instead of one boiler with high performance, which must work as a whole even when a small heat volume is needed, only the necessary number of boilers operate in given moment with the cascade solution.

The practice proves that in the heating season, only 50 % of boiler capacity is used in 80 % of the time. During the whole season, based on statistics, the potential of the boiler is used only at 30%.


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The supply of a large amount of heat can be solved by a set of a larger number of electronically controlled boilers. With this solution it is possible to create a set with its total output of up to 3.040 kW, made of 32 boilers. The output of each boiler can be adjusted in the range from 25 to 100%, which means continuous regulation in the range of 1.6 - 100% for the whole set, depending on the immediate need for the heat supply.

The use of several boilers is also advantageous as they are mutually interchangeable, so in case of a failure, the whole system cannot fail, but its maximum output is only temporarily reduced. Thanks to the diagnostic system, the fault is usually found very quickly and the inhabitants of the apartment building do not even note such short-term fault as the boiler can be repaired while the operation is maintained.

An alternative to own boiler

As it results from the calculations, in apartment buildings it is generally economically more advantageous to establish a common boiler room than to install a separate boiler in each apartment.

In individual installations in apartment buildings, the flue gas outlet is the biggest problem. If the attic apartments are not concerned, the creation of the flue gas outlet can make the whole installation unpleasantly expensive, in some cases even impossible. With the first installation of a gas condensing boiler it is necessary always install a new plastic flue gas outlet that is resistant to effects of an acid condensate.


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Example of apartment boiler room


Advantages of cascade boiler rooms

The assortment of products and services is not only represented by THERM boilers, but also sophisticated systems for the connection of additional boilers into a series in the cascade boiler room...

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Heating system preparation

The heating system needs to be prepared before winter and those who have neglected maintenance are now really busy. The damp weather indicates that the heating season is starting...

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Modern technology at lower price

Shared boiler rooms are particularly common in the Nordic countries. The main reason is based on the general distrust in sharing of heat sources, which has its origins in obsolete coal boiler rooms. Thanks to modern technologies the gas cascade boiler rooms ensure the maximum thermal comfort with lower input as well as operating costs than in case of installation of boilers in all apartment units. Until recently, the boiler room operation was ensured by expensive cascade controllers. Current boilers can be connected much more efficiently using a communication interface that allows the information transfer between boilers and their easy control. Just switch on all boilers and set the heating temperature and hot water heating in the first one, there is no need to complicatedly set each one of them.

Location of the cascade boiler room

Cascade boiler rooms are made of gas or electricity boilers, and thus have low space requirements. Thanks to this they can be installed in the most suitable place in the building, whether in a cellar, unused bike storage, former coal boiler room or on the contrary in attics. Thus considerable costs savings in flue gas outlet creation can be achieved.

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