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Advantages of cascade boiler rooms

The assortment of products and services is not only represented by THERM boilers, but also sophisticated systems for the connection of additional boilers into a series in the cascade boiler room. The technical parameters of the boilers enables to connect up to 32 boiler units into one unit and to create a cascade boiler room with an output of up to 3.040 kW.

These are often installed in industrial buildings with large heat losses as well as residential homes within the decentralization of heating and heating water. A cascade boiler room can supply heat to the heating system as well as heat utility water.

A cascade boiler room is the ideal solution for residential gas boiler rooms. A household gas boiler in the form of Thermona cascade boiler will not only help to reduce gas consumption by 5 0% but also reduce electricity consumption by using low-energy pumps. The return on investment is very fast due to the large savings and is undoubtedly a major advantage.

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