The small gas boiler THERM PRO 14 KX.A has a built-in 55 l stainless reservoir. Its output makes it just rights for areas with a heat loss of up to 14.0 kW, i.e. smaller areas such as flats and offices. This integrated solution for preparing hot water together with outstanding design means the device is ideal for the interior of a flat or house. A built-in three-way valve heats water in the indirect heating reservoir.

An energy saving circulating pump, together with a low-emission burner, provides economical and ecological operation. We have reduced energy consumption costs together with minimum emissions into the air. The boiler is available in two versions according to the type of fuel, i.e. natural gas or propane combustion. The boiler output can be adapted to the immediate heating loses in the area over 35-100% of the boiler output.


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eu_flagThe product THERM PRO 14 KX.A complies all legislative, safety, healthy and environmental requirements of the European Union and CE mark enables the free movement of products within the market of the European Economic Area.

Emission category NOx 6 View the ErP label View the ErP label
  • Wall boilers with a built-in reservoir
  • The boiler includes a 55 l (stainless) indirect heating reservoir
  • The boiler has a three-way valve for alternatively heating the heating system and the hot water storage tank
  • Water cooled low-emission burner
  • Simple and intuitive control
  • Great efficiency and low gas consumption
  • Fluent boiler output regulation
  • Can be regulated according to the spatial or outdoor temperature (equitherm regulation)
  • Can be controlled by a room thermostat or intelligent room regulator through OpenTherm+
  • Can be combined with a floor heating system
  • As standard the boilers have a white cladding
Technical data Unit THERM PRO 14 KX.A
Class of seasonal energy efficiency of heating - C
Energy efficiency class of water heating - B
Declared loading profile - L
Nominal thermal input power kW 15.25
Min. – max. thermal output for heating kW 5.0 - 14.0
Fuel - natural gas / propane
Gas consumption - natural gas m3/h 0.58 - 1.62
Gas consumption - propane m3/h 0,21 - 0,59
Min. – max. overpressure of heating system bar 0.8 - 3.0
Maximum input pressure of heating water °C 80
Boiler efficiency % 92
Volume of expansion unit l 7
Volume of the integrated tank l 55 (stainless)
Volume of expansion unit of DHW l 2
Nominal supply voltage / frequency V/Hz 230/50~
Auxiliary electricity at rated heat input W 80
Level of coverage of electrical part - IP 44 (D)
Diameter of smoke flue mm 110
Dimensions: height / width / depth mm 830 / 630 / 435
Weight of boiler kg 65
Order number - 1019.9