Due to the low minimum output and modulation option, the THERM EL 14 boiler is recommended for heating modern buildings and low-energy passive houses. The boiler’s compact dimensions rank it among small boilers. The water can be heated in an external reservoir after the boiler is fitted with a three-way valve. The boilers are supplied with an elegant stainless design.

The boiler must be installed and connected by a professional company. During installation, it must be remembered that the electric boiler must be allocated additional power - i.e. suitable securing must be ensured in the switchboard or the building to prevent disconnection of the main circuit breaker during operation. The maximum current is monitored for this purpose, which can be installed into the switchboard to monitor the amount of current required for a particular time and in the case of exceeding a certain limit, part of the electric boiler output is disconnected. The electric boiler also operates with a rate switch, which runs the boiler in the reduced rate.


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eu_flagThe product THERM EL 14 complies all legislative, safety, healthy and environmental requirements of the European Union and CE mark enables the free movement of products within the market of the European Economic Area.

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  • Quiet operation due to selected switching relays
  • Simple and intuitive control due to the user-friendly touch display
  • Fluent regulation in low steps by 1 500 W
  • Minimum output of the boiler 1 500 W
  • Option to connect regulator with OpenTherm+ communication
  • Regulation option according to the spatial or outdoor temperature (equithermal regulation)
  • There is also the option to heat water in an external reservoir and to fit with a three-way valve
  • Option to control the boiler via SMS messages after fitting with SMS module
  • HDO communication - remote switching of the operation to a low rate by the electricity supplier
  • Option to add monitoring of the current maximum to prevent overloading of the electricity network in the building
  • Recommended for low-energy and passive houses (low minimum output)
Technical data Unit THERM EL 14
Class of seasonal energy efficiency of heating - D
Nominal heat output kW 13.5
Minimum regulation level of the output W 1 500
Rated current (single-phase connection) A 20 (60)
Level of electric coverage - IP 40
Supply voltage / frequency V/Hz 3 x 400/230 + N + PE/50 ~
Maximum rated current A 3 x 21 (1 x 63)
Main circuit breaker for electric installation A 25 (80)
Rated current of the control circuit breaker A 1.25
Electric service life of relay - 1.105 cycles (16 A, 250 V/50 Hz)
Mechanical service life of relay - 10.106 cycles
Input - output of heating water - G 3/4" outer
Min. – max. working overpressure of heating system bar 0.8 - 3.0
Maximum temperature of heating water °C 80
Water volume of the boiler l 6.0
Efficiency at the rated power % 99.5
Volume of expansion tank l 7
Dimensions: height / width / depth mm 638 / 475 / 238
Weight of the boiler without water kg 27
Order number - 1609