Type: stationary
Volume: 208 l
Exchanger power: 32 kW

The THERM OKCE 200 NTR/2.2 kW stationary storage tanks provides 208 l of hot water through one exchanger and the option of heating by electric energy. The heater is designed for floor installation. The high-quality heating vessel is made of special thick metal sheet and is coated with nickel-free enamel. Together with magnesium anode, it ensures the long-term service life of the storage tank.

The heater is fitted with the regulation of hot utility water (thermostat for control of the three-way valve or circulating pump) for the 230 V/50 Hz voltage and outlet for circulation. The storage tank has a dry ceramic heating body which is not submersible but is inserted into the steel pit. As the water heater storage tank and the pit are produced from one type of material (steel), there is no occurrence of galvanic cell and electro-chemical corrosion.


Energy Label
  • The storage tank of the heater is made from the steel metal
  • Option of heating by 2.2 kW electric heating element
  • Ceramic heating body
  • The inside of the storage tank is enamelled
  • High-quality hard polyurethane foam is used for insulation
  • The storage tank includes an anode bar
  • Stationary heater for floor installation
  • The heating and utility water inlets are located on the side of the storage tank
  • The heater is fitted with the regulation of the temperature of the heating water, a safety valve and an outlet for circulation
Technical data Units THERM OKCE 200 NTR/2,2 kW
Class of energy efficiency - D
Permanent loss W 96
Volume of hot water storage tank l 210
Output of the exchanger kW 32
Output of the electrical insert kW 2,2
Height / diameter mm 1362 / 584
Weight without water kg 95
Order number - 14342