METANO THERM cleaning solution

Volume: 400 ml
Order No.: 21977

The METANO THERM cleaning solution is designed for cleaning heat-exchange surfaces, heat exchangers and flue gas paths. It maintains consistent boiler output, removes impurities sediments that damage metal, even in hard-to-reach places. It can also be used to prevent sediments. This concentrated preparation provides for easy removal of soot and unburned sediments.

When sprayed, a foaming alkaline reaction occurs that neutralises the acidity of the present sediments. At the same time, the special component of the preparation penetrates crusts and softens them, contributing to better boiler ignition and crust separation from the walls.


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  • Compact package in a spray bottle
  • Maintains consistent boiler output
  • Removes impurities and sediments
  • Also preventively protects flue gas paths
  • Removes impurities, even from hard-to-reach places
  • Neutralises acidity
  • Applied by spraying
Technical data METANO THERM
State of matter liquid
Colour colorless
Aroma characteristic
Package spray, 400 ml
Order number 21977