Volume: 500 ml
Order No.: 43969

The C3 CLEANER preparation is a fast and efficient neutral preparation for central heating systems. It is designed for eliminating all impurities, sludge and scale from current systems, no matter how old. It restores the heating performance and reduces or removes boiler noise. The cleaner is especially effective in older heating systems. The C3 CLEANER preparation is a neutral preparation that inhibits all metals and materials commonly used in heating systems well and is compatible with them.

One 500 ml package of C3 CLEANER is usually sufficient for cleaning a typical household central heating system. In the case of larger buildings, or highly clogged heating systems, it is possible to apply the preparation repeatedly.


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  • Compatible with all metals and materials commonly used in central heating systems
  • Removes residues of solder paste and other impurities
  • Easy to use, the system can run normally during cleaning
  • A neutral universal cleaner for new and older heating systems
  • Eliminates sludge, waste, and scale, and restores the heating efficiency of current systems
  • Suitable for use with all known machines for forced rinsing
Technical data C3 CLEANER
State of matter liquid
Color light brown
Aroma moderate
pH (concentrate) 7.8
Dosage 500 ml per 150 l
Packaging 500 ml
Density 1.15
Order number 43969