Volume: 500 ml
Order No.: 43968

The C1 INHIBITOR protective filling provides a long-lasting protection of household radiators against corrosion and scaling. It prevents corrosion of all metals that can be found in such systems - corrosion of iron metal, copper and copper alloys, and aluminium. It is suitable for all types of THERM boilers, radiators, and piping systems. The preparation is compatible with all metals and materials commonly used in central heating systems.

One 500 ml package is designed for treating a heating system with a total volume of 150 litres. We recommend regularly checking the concentration of the preparation in the heating system to ensure a permanent and effective protection of the system - once a year.


Recommended retail price: on request

  • Designed for household central heating made of a combination of metals
  • Protects from corrosion and scale
  • Protects from boiler noise
  • Eliminates frequent venting of radiators
  • Extends the service life of the system
  • Prevents pump blockage
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Preserves system performance
  • Prevents the occurrence of cold spots on radiators
  • Not poisonous, and friendly to the environment
Technical data C1 INHIBITOR
State of matter liquid
Color straw yellow
Aroma slightly aromatic
pH (concentrate) 8.2
Dosage 500 ml per 150 l
Packaging 500 ml
Order number 43968