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AZK automatic cabinet softeners

Intended for: Boiler rooms
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Automatic cabinet softeners AZK are designed to softer drinking, service or technological water with no above-limit content of iron and manganese.

The device is made of pressure Pe tank, situated inside the cabinet - plastic storage tank equipped with electronic control valve. Multiple-function control valve contains a microcomputer which commands an automatic regeneration based on real operational analysis. It measures the water flow and when the softener capacity is exhausted it initiates and performs, in night hours, the regeneration of softening resin in order to provide the softened water during the day. The regeneration start is set for two o'clock at night but the user can change it for any other time during the day. The control valve enables setting of so-called forced regeneration in chosen time period. During the regeneration which takes about 80 minutes the supply of non-treated water is ensured with the softener inside by-pass.


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* The set includes: automatic cabinet softener, protective prefilter, mounting block and flexi hose

The valve function section is made of high-polished and very hard ceramic discs of which one is movable and another one fixed. With their mutual rotation channels are made for five different flow ways that are needed for individual softener action stages. This new solution represents a great progress against traditional control units which use a large number of valves, plastic and rubber sealing parts prone to operational failures.

Under the automatic mode a regeneration saline is prepared in the plastic storage tank.

The removal of hardness ions - calcium and magnesium - is made in a filtration bed of softening resin - very strong cation exchange resin of Na+ form. The water leaving the softener has its residual hardness which equals to 1% of input water hardness. The control valve is equipped with a blender which can set mixing of softened water with untreated water and thus reach another output hardness if needed. Depending on the input water quality the cation resin service life is about 6-8 years.

The capacity or the water volume in m3, adapted by individual softener filter types between two regenerations is an important information for choosing the correct softener size - see the second table line. This value is valid if the input water is of T=1 mmol/l hardness. You divide this value with the real water hardness in mmol/l at the installation site and you find out which size softens m3 of water between two regenerations.

The automatic cabinet softener installation needs:

  • water supply G 3/4“, overpressure 3-6 bars, max. temperature 40 °C
  • sewerage drain, capacity about 0,7 m3/hr.
  • electric installation 230V/50Hz, device input is 5W
Technical data Units AZK1 AZK2 AZK3 AZK4 AZK5 AZK6
Softened water volume at T=1 mmol/l m3 2,75 5,50 8,25 11,00 13,75 16,50
Capacity in m3 x °dH - 20 40 60 80 100 120
Volume of softening resin l 5 10 15 20 25 30
Approximate flow m3/h 0,2 - 0,6 0,3 - 1,2 0,3 - 1,5 0,6 - 2,0 0,6 - 2,0 0,6 - 2,0
Salt consumption / regeneration approx. kg 0,75 1,50 2,25 3,00 3,75 4,50
Water consumption / regeneration approx. l 50 100 150 200 250 300
Ground plan: width x depth mm 220 x 420 350 x 470 350 x 470 350 x 470 350 x 470 350 x 470
Height of filter with cover mm není víko 680 1130 1130 1130 1130
Height of filter without cover mm 550 650 1100 1100 1100 1100
Height of G3/4“ entrance mm 385 485 938 935 935 935
Height of hose drain mm 420 520 970 970 970 970
Weight kg 10 15 25 30 35 40
Order number - 72710 72711 72712 72713 72714 72715