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XS Impurity Separator with Magnet

Connection: 3/4"M x 3/4"F
Order No.: 43955

The extra-small magnetic filter, installed under the boiler, is the smallest one on the market in the category of filters and impurity separators. The sufficiently large internal strainer catches impurities in the heating distribution and provides a reliable operation of the system. The strainer inside the filter filters all solid particles and the magnet in the cover separates ferrous impurities, thus protecting pumps, tanks, and boilers from damage. Suitable for all THERM boilers with 3/4" connection.

An inconspicuous, yet pleasant design is suitable for domestic environment, when the heat source is located in the common area. The filter is fitted with an end piece with a swivel-nut, which makes it easy to install below the boiler. The filter body is made of chrome-plated brass.


Recommended retail price: on request

  • A pleasant and inconspicuous design
  • The most compact magnetic filter on the market
  • Reliably captures iron and solid particles
  • Chrome-plated brass body
  • Suitable for every boiler
  • • The filter may also be used as an input point for the injection of chemical additives, C1 INHIBITOR or C3 CLEANER
Technical data Unit XS Impurity separator with magnet
Maximum operating pressure bar 3
Connection - 3/4"M x 3/4"F
Temperature range °C 0 - 90
Valve material - chrome-plated brass - chrome-plated brass
Order number - 43955