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Impurity separator with magnet - horizontal

Connection: 6/4", 2"
Order No.: 43698, 43774

The horizontal impurity separator with magnet separates impurities from heating systems, mostly formed by sand and corrosion particles. Impurities are collected in a large sludge removing chamber with a low cleaning frequency, which can also be cleaned during operation. This sediment separator is available with the connection of 2" and 6/4", or 1 1/2". The separator can only be installed on horizontal pipelines.

The impurity separator is equipped with a removable magnetic ring for easy and quick separation of ferrous impurities. The brass body of the filter provides a long service life and suitability for heating systems.


Recommended retail price - 6/4": on request
Recommended retail price - 2": on request

  • Sediment separator with a magnetic ring
  • Body from resistant composite material
  • Inner connecting threads
  • Designed only for horizontal installation
  • Equipped with a discharge valve with a pipe-to-hose adapter
Technical data Units variant 6/4" variant 2"
Maximum operating pressure bar 10 10
Connection - 6/4" = 1 1/2" 2"
Temperature range °C 0 - 110 0 - 110
Order number - 43698 43774