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Impurity separator with magnet and filter

Connection: 3/4", 1"
Order No.: 43684, 43685

The impurity separator with magnet and filter is a multifunctional device, consisting of two separate components arranged in the following series: an impurity separator and a replaceable filter. The two components provide a complete and continuous protection of the equipment in the heating system from impurities that are formed both at the time of the system start-up and in regular operating conditions. The device is available in two sizes, with a 3/4" and 1” connector.

Fine impurities are first separated by the impurity separator, and gross impurities are then collected in the filter chamber. The impurity separator is also equipped with a removable magnetic ring to separate ferrous impurities. The separator is made of resistant composite material; it is exceptionally versatile since it can be installed both onto a horizontal and vertical pipeline. The delivery includes closing valves for easy separator maintenance.


Recommended retail price - 3/4": on request
Recommended retail price - 1": on request

  • Multifunctional device with a sediment separator and filter
  • Designed for complete water cleaning in the hydraulic circuit and subsequent protection of other components in the circuit from the negative effect of impurities contained in water
  • Body from resistant composite material
  • Equipped with a magnetic ring
  • Two replaceable filters with a steel strainer
  • Brass closing valves
  • Installation both on vertical and horizontal pipeline
  • Inner connecting threads
  • Draining valve with a pipe-to-hose adapter
Technical data Unit variant 3/4" variant 1"
Maximum operating pressure bar 3
Connection - 3/4" 1"
Temperature range °C 0 - 90
Order number - 43684 43685